In-Bank Training Services

At Sterling Compliance, we believe in early, ongoing and effective educational opportunities. In addition to our educational events, we offer you several options to obtain cost-effective, interactive training that is tailored to your specific institution.

Staff Training

Train your entire staff, from the frontline to Senior Management, on topics that are required annually or train specific departments on their compliance responsibilities. Whatever the training need, we can make it happen. We will work with you on defining the training topic by depth of discussion; incorporation of your specific policies and procedures; and upcoming changes. Each topic will be tailored to meet your specific training needs and honed to be most relevant to your targeted audience. Our Staff Training sessions include training materials and resources for your staff to reference the day of each session and while performing their job responsibilities going forward.

Board Training

Ensure your Board is informed. We can provide training on specific topics throughout the year or combine their annually required compliance training in one session. The option is yours. Our Board Training sessions address regulatory requirements as they relate to the Board’s fiduciary, corporate governance and compliance responsibilities. Our Board Training sessions include training materials for your Board member to reference and provide a forum for discussion of industry topics.

Customized Training Programs

You may have more customized training needs. Whether you have hired new staff, changed strategic direction, are implementing a new process or have been encouraged to seek additional training in a specific area, our Customized Training Programs can help you. We will work closely with you to develop a training program that will meet your unique needs and provide your staff the training needed to effectively implement change and address regulatory concerns.

Web-Based Training Options

In today’s world, you may need to seek alternative training opportunities to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. That’s where our Web-Based Training Options help you. Our Staff and Board Training options can be converted to a web-based format for you. You can live-stream training in a web-based format while we communicate the material and answer your questions or you can request a recorded version of the training so that you may use it at your convenience and as frequently as you like. You will receive all training materials and resources that would be provided in an in-bank training session.

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