Angela Lucas

Angela Lucas

CCPB, Co-Founder and Advisor, Corporate Strategy

Angela is a former Federal bank regulator and seasoned consultant. Her knowledge of regulatory compliance, risk management and investment advisory services has established her reputation as a leading resource within the financial consulting industry, spanning consumer protection and anti-money laundering statutes, fraud and cannabis banking issues. Upon the acquisition, Managing Partner Angela took on the role of Chief Risk Officer of ICS and Greenlight Payments, and remains in an advisory role at Sterling. As the ICS Chief Risk Officer, Angela continues the firm’s mission of bringing its complete SEED-TO-BANK™ solution to financial institutions and cannabis-related businesses throughout the United States, and has expanded the firm’s industry engagement as a well-respected authority on the regulatory and compliance issues surrounding cannabis banking, while creating a culture of risk awareness within the organization. Angela spearheaded the firm’s efforts to create the first industry-recognized cannabis banking certification program.
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